pathfinder consulting

Combining the art and science of diversity, equity, and inclusion through real-world experiences and storytelling.


Through comprehensive surveys and intimate group interviews, we meticulously evaluate organizational culture, employee engagement, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion, providing leaders with profound analytical insights and actionable guidance.

Organizational Assessment

From inception to enhancement, our DEI consulting spans the spectrum, leveraging expertise, proven methodologies, best practices, and training to cultivate enduring DEI cultures and programs.


We provide comprehensive behavioral based leadership development programs and workshops designed to unleash the potential of leaders at every level.

Growing up in an interracial family in the 1970s Southern United States exposed Pathfinder founder, Jay Graves to the brutal reality of institutional and social racism.

Later, as an Army veteran and corporate leader, he became a champion for a diverse and inclusive workplace, spearheading numerous diversity programs in various organizations and establishing Pathfinder Business Consultants to help organizations realize their DEI goals.

With the personal and professional experience of the Pathfinder Team, we bring a proven approach to developing and enhancing diversity programs while bringing them to life through storytelling, people-centric strategy, and best practices.

We empower leaders to cultivate high-performing organizations.

Numerous studies have shown that diverse organizations outperform their less diverse counterparts. In this session,
we will review compelling business cases supporting corporate diversity initiatives.

The Case for DEI

Diversity breakthrough workshop session breakdown


Diversity topics and conversations have increased over the past few years, but what does it all mean? Session two focuses on understanding and discussing foundational diversity concepts.

DEI Concepts

Diversity breakthrough workshop session breakdown


We all have unconscious biases that shape how we approach social, interpersonal and business situations. This candid and interactive discussion will help us uncover, explore, and learn how to overcome our own bias toward certain groups.

Turning Unconscious Bias Conscious 

Diversity breakthrough workshop session breakdown


In this session we will review The Diversity Breakthrough Maturity Model and DEI Roadmap for creating a sustainable DEI corporate program. Each attendee will finish the workshop with a framework for starting their own DEI program.

Building a Sustainable DEI Program

Diversity breakthrough workshop session breakdown